Information That Might Help You Decide If You Should Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

When you plan to rent a storage unit, the first thing you need to decide is if you want climate-controlled storage. If so, that could affect the storage facility you choose since every facility may not have climate control. Deciding if you need climate control might be challenging. It depends on how much protection you want for your belongings. Here's more information that might help you decide.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units Cost More

Your budget could be a deciding factor in your choice. If you have a tight budget, you may not want to spend more for climate control. However, consider the value of the things you'll store and the degree of risk that they'll be damaged.

Also, the season matters too. Electronics could be damaged in very cold or very hot and humid conditions. It could be worth it to pay more for climate control if you'll be storing expensive electronics.

Climate-Control Is Ideal For All Belongings

Climate control is the best way to store nearly everything. Compare how your things survive inside your house to how they would fare outside in a shed. Storage units without climate control are usually outdoor individual shed-like units. The condition inside the units is the same as the temperature and humidity outdoors.

Fabrics, wood, metal, electronics, documents, paintings, and other belongings may be damaged because of extremes in temperature or humidity that are too high or too low.

Some Belongings Tolerate Outdoor Conditions

Whether you need a climate-controlled storage unit or not depends on the items you intend to put in it. Things like sports equipment, lawn tools, outdoor furniture, bicycles, tents, and kayaks may do fine without climate control since they tolerate being outdoors in all kinds of weather.

The Length Of Time In Storage Matters Too

If you're moving to a different country or state for an extended time, you'll probably have peace of mind if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Your things will be in a safe temperature and humidity range. Plus, your belongings might even be safer since they'll be in a big building that locks at night.

If you only need short-term storage, especially in a mild weather season, a unit without climate control might meet your needs.

Call a few storage facilities or look online at local storage facilities so you can compare prices between climate-controlled units and those without. Also, consider size since a smaller unit should cost less to rent.

If you're still unsure about what to do, talk to a representative at a storage facility and explain the belongings you might be worried about, and get their advice on whether they should be kept in a climate-controlled unit or not. 

For more info about climate-controlled storage units, contact a local company.