Learn More About Self-Storage

You might have a use for a self-storage unit right now that's pretty straightforward. For example, you may need to rent the smallest unit because you need a place to keep a few boxes of keepsakes for a bit. This type of use is common with storage facilities. However, they can offer many other benefits, advantages, and features than you might realize. Once you rent that small unit, you may find that self-storage can be of use to you in many other ways, whether that be now or in the future. Here is more information on self-storage units that may prove useful to you: 

Self-storage units can be arranged how you need them to be

When you rent a storage unit, it will offer you four tall walls and bare floor space. This is going to work out well if you need to store a lot of your belongings, park your vehicles or boats, or pack it full of anything else. However, you can also customize the unit to suit your needs in many ways. If you need the unit to sort through things before boxing them, then you can bring in tables and chairs to tend to the task. If you need to keep things well-organized, such as if you are keeping inventory there, then you can bring in shelves and cabinets as needed. 

Self-storage units can be climate-controlled

You might not need a climate-controlled unit this time, but you may still want to consider it. Especially if you are going to be visiting the unit during the summer or winter months when the temperatures can be very high or low. This way, you will be much more comfortable when you are in the unit. If you are going to be storing anything that should be kept out of extreme conditions, including high humidity, then climate control will be important. Some examples of things that should be kept in this type of unit include most furniture, many fabrics, photographs, paintings, and even things like electronics. If you use the unit to store inventory that can include things like lotions, soaps, and makeup, then climate control will be important as well. 

Self-storage is flexible

Self-storage is much more flexible than you might realize. There are often choices between such things as: 

  • With or without climate control

  • Upstairs or downstairs units

  • Indoor or outdoor units

  • Small, medium, or large units

  • RV units with additional features such as a dump station and washing area

  • Units with extra space for pulling trailers in and out

  • Units with wider doors

Self-storage units are normally rented on a month-to-month basis as well. This makes it easy for you to move into a smaller or larger unit right away if the need arises. Most facilities also offer you the ability to pay in many ways, such as in person, by phone, online, or by mail.

Call a self-storage facility to learn more.