Items That Could Benefit From A Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit

Today, you can store your belongings in a storage unit instead of leaving them out in the sun or cold. You no longer have to accumulate your sentimental stuff in the garage or basement. All you need is a self-storage unit to protect them from the elements and fluctuations in weather.

If you are looking to protect the integrity of your items, you will need more than a storage unit. Your best bet would be to rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Here are some items that could do well in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Home Furnishings

Sometimes you will go through a life transition that might require you to store your furniture temporarily. Unfortunately, you can't just store your furnishings in a standard storage unit. Moisture and temperature fluctuation can ruin the upholstery of your sofas. Sometimes temperature fluctuations might also cause the wooden furniture to warp.

Luckily, you don't have to fret about all that if you keep your furniture in a storage unit with climate control features. 


Home appliances are so expensive that you would not risk storing them in shady places. Just like furniture, electronics are delicate, especially when you expose them to humid conditions. Besides, you would not want your electronics to be exposed to dust. The only way to keep your valuable electronics in the best condition is to store them in a unit whose climatic conditions are well controlled. 

Paintings and Art Collections

If you love painting or collecting art pieces, you should make sure you get somewhere special to store your work. For instance, canvas artwork is very delicate as it can be destroyed by sunlight and moisture. 

That said, you should stash your artwork in a unit that has climatic control features. Here you will be in control of the humidity and temperature too. As long as you don't plan to display your artwork in the near future, stash it away in a climate-controlled storage unit.


Most people store their clothing in the typical self-storage unit. Unfortunately, the conditions in such a unit could affect the way your clothes feel, look, and fit. So, if you plan to wear these clothes again, store them in a unit with climate control features. This is especially true for delicate pieces of clothing or those made from fur.

Other items you can keep in a climate-controlled self-storage unit include:

  • Media storage equipment
  • Collectibles
  • Medical supplies
  • Antique wooden furniture
  • Leather furniture

Contact a self-storage facility to rent a unit.