Does Your Storage Facility Have These Amenities?

If you're looking into renting a self-storage unit, you are likely comparing the different amenities that each facility offers. Here are some amenities that you need to look out for.

Climate Controls

Climate-controlled storage is a fancy way to say that the unit has heating and cooling to keep belongings at a consistent temperature all year round. This is ideal for people that have temperature-sensitive items and don't want them to be damaged in a normal unit that sees extreme temperature fluctuations. Climate-controlled storage also provides humidity control as well, which may be important to you for furniture made out of wood that can expand from humidity.


It is always worth looking at what kind of security the storage facility offers. Sometimes the only protection you have is the padlock on your unit, with anybody being able to drive up to the unit if they wish. However, indoor facilities can restrict access to storage unit renters so that only certain people are allowed in the space.

In addition, look for security cameras that keep an eye on hallways so that anybody that tries to break in can be caught on camera. For more secure protection, some facilities offer alerts every time your storage unit is opened so that you can catch suspicious activity. If security is a top concern for you, look for a facility that has a security guard stationed at the building at all times.


The hours that you have access to your storage unit is definitely an amenity that you will be interested in. The storage facility may have specific hours that they allow access or give you 24/7 access so that you can get to your storage unit at any time. You may end up paying more money for the 24/7 access that you need, but it will help prevent times where you are unable to get into the unit because it is after hours. 

Moving Truck

If you have a small car, it can be hard getting everything to the storage unit when you load it up initially. That is why storage facilities may offer the use of a moving truck for people that are moving in and closing out their storage unit. This can help save you some upfront costs of having to rent a truck yourself and the hassle of having to go through a separate rental company. 

For more information, contact a local self-storage facility.