Nervous About Using A Self-Storage Facility? What To Look For

If you need a storage unit but you worry about your items being locked somewhere that you don't see or check on them every day, start looking at facilities that have cameras. Take the time to find a high-quality facility that has cameras and locks to get into the storage area, and that screens its applicants. Here are some of the other things to consider before you sign a lease.

Don't be Afraid to Ask about Price Changes

Many storage facilities run specials and deals. If you find a unit that is close to your house or that you want to use, but another facility is running a deal, ask if they would be willing to price match the other facility to get a lower price. Also, ask if there are any upcoming promotions. You may be able to get the deal early or get a deal that isn't available anymore, for the facility to get your business.

Know if You Need Temperature Control

The temperature control feature where the room is set at a moderate temperature, so it doesn't get hot or cold in the unit is a feature some facilities offer. If you have a lot of electronic devices, you worry about condensation or humidity, or you can't have items in cold temperatures, there may be the best storage option for you. Find the cost comparison with a basic unit to determine if you can afford this upgrade.

Check for Pest Droppings

It's impossible to control all pests from getting in and out of the storage unit, but you shouldn't walk into a unit that is available and see rodent waste. Make sure that you walk around the unit that will be yours and investigate, and to make sure that rats and mice aren't nesting or utilizing the space. Using mothballs or other pest deterrents may be recommended by the facility.

Talk with a current insurance company that you are using for other policies to see if there is extra insurance you can get for your items if you are worried about theft or a natural disaster when you are using the unit. It is likely that the self-storage facility will offer some type of coverage that you can add on as well. If you need a storage unit, get costs and explore options to find a facility that you will feel comfortable with when you lock up your stuff and leave.

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