Self-Storage And Wildfires: Know Your Options And Have An Escape Plan

So, you have a self-storage unit. That works great for all of your excess stuff, but what happens when a wildfire breaks out and rages your way? What do you do if your storage unit is in the path of the wildfire and the firefighters cannot put the flames out in time? Do you have things in storage you will sorely miss? What about an escape plan? With so much to think about, here are some options and tips to help you plan ahead of a wildfire situation.

What to Do with the Storage Unit

The proprietor of your storage unit is about to lose a lot of money in the wildfire. However, his/her insurance on the property does not cover the losses of your belongings! You could insure your belongings ahead of time. That will, at the very least, reimburse you if your storage unit burns down and takes your belongings inside with it.

You could also remove anything that is of particular importance for you and replace those items with things you would not mind burning. This is often a more difficult choice since you run the risk of these same items burning up in your home. Yet, if the items you do not want to lose are small, you can take them with you in your vehicle when you evacuate your home to avoid the wildfire.

Your final option is to wait and see how close the fire is going to come to your home and your storage unit. When it is estimated that you only have a few hours to evacuate, you have enough time to run to your storage unit and grab what you most want to save. Then you leave the area and hope that the fires can be extinguished before they even come close to your home or the storage unit where the rest of your stuff was left behind.

Your Escape Plan

There are two ways to create an escape plan. One, you create an emergency supplies box and leave it in your garage until you have to evacuate. Two, you place the emergency supply box in your storage unit with everything you want to take with you when a crisis hits. Then you only have to lock up your house, drive to your storage unit, grab the emergency supply kit and the things you want to save, and leave town.

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