Storing Mattresses? Take These Measures To Ensure They Aren't Damaged During Storage

If you have a mattress you want to keep in a self-storage unit for some time, there are things you need to do to ensure the mattress won't be dirty, smelly, and deformed by the time you come back for it. Here are some of these measures:

Clean and Dry the Mattress

One of the most important steps for storing a mattress actually takes place before storage: cleaning and drying the mattress. You can vacuum the mattress, use upholstery cleaner, or do both, depending on its state of cleanliness. You also need to thoroughly dry the mattress before transporting it to the storage facility. Both measures are necessary for preventing mold from growing on the mattress and gunk from sticking on it permanently.

Choose a Dry Storage Place

Moisture is the number one threat to stored mattresses, so you need to keep it at bay. After drying your mattress, choose a dry storage place for it so that it doesn't absorb any more moisture. High temperatures can also degrade your mattress material, so you need to avoid those, too. As you can see, both of these conditions are not easy to meet in a typical basement, which is why basements aren't good storage places for mattresses. a temperature-controlled storage facility is a much better choice.

Invest in a Mattress Cover

A good mattress cover will protect your mattress from being fouled by other materials during storage. For example, if you don't cover your mattress, it could become soiled by accidental spillage of liquids. Some people swear by plastic coverings, but these trap moisture and may not be good for your mattress. It's best to use a breathable material that protects the mattress without trapping moisture inside.

Keep It Flat

The best position to store your mattress is to lay it flat. Keeping the mattress on its side, as some people advocate, will distort the coils and inner workings of the mattress, leading to damage; this is particularly possible in the case of long-term storage. Therefore, keep the mattress in the position it's meant to be used: on its side.

Don't Keep Anything on Top of the Mattress

Lastly, you should not place anything else on top of the mattress during storage. That is the best way to distort the mattress by damaging its springs. Such objects may also damage the mattress's fabric. This means you need a roomy storage place if the mattress isn't the only item you wish to store.

For more information, talk to storage companies in your area.