Helpful Tips For Organizing Your Storage Unit

Are you renting a local storage unit as a long-term solution for a small home? If so, you'll need to know how to keep the unit organized. While it may be easy to throw items inside to deal with at a later date, you'll have regrets once you actually need to start digging through boxes. Here are some helpful tips that will help keep your storage unit organized.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

Cardboard boxes may be a cheap way to contain various items, but you will have to open each box individually to see what is inside. This can be time consuming and frustrating when you do not know what is inside each box.

Consider storing items in clear plastic storage containers that allow you to easily see inside them. You'll be able to save time on labeling the bins as well, since you can just look through the plastic to see what is inside. No more rummaging through boxes either, since you can easily see what is at the bottom.

In addition, try to stick to a single size for your plastic bins. It will help everything fit well together, rather than have different sized boxes scattered throughout the unit.

Buy Adjustable Height Shelves

Don't stack your boxes directly on top of each other, because it will become a problem when you want to get to that box all the way to the bottom. Instead, buy some adjustable height shelving that you can assemble without any tools. Make the shelves the exact height of your boxes for maximum storage capacity. You'll appreciate the shelves when it is time to get out the holiday lights that would otherwise be buried under other bins from over the past year.

Create a Layout

Don't be afraid to bust out the graph paper and take measurements of your plastic bins. It is always a good idea to have a game plan before you start loading up your storage unit. You can take the time at home to think about how items will fit into the unit, and adjust their position on paper rather than doing it with the actual shelves and boxes. You can get a great idea about what will fit in the storage unit before you move a single item into it.

While these tips will get you started, there is still more that you can do to stay organized. Reach out to a local storage facility, like East "O" Street Self Storage LLC, for assistance.