Three Reasons To Choose Heated Storage

When it comes to choosing a self storage unit, you may want to consider a heated space to store your items. Heated storage units offer a host of benefits, some of which you may not have thought of before. Here are just a few reasons to choose heated storage.

Personal Comfort

One reason to choose heated storage is so you can remain comfortable while loading, unloading, or organizing your items. A heated storage unit can make decluttering in the fall or removing holiday decorations in the winter a more pleasant task, and it also means you can spend more time in the unit rearranging items without being too cold. Heated storage also makes an ideal option if you'll be using your unit as a workshop or spare office space, as you'll be able to work in the room and not bundle up in layers of coats and sweaters.

Protection For Valuables

Whether you are storing your prized wine collection, heirloom furniture, or family mementos, exposure to extreme cold can cause lasting damage. The changes in temperature can cause wood on antique furniture to expand and contract, leaving it cracked, warped, or damaged, while wine bottles can break in freezing conditions. While wrapping and packing fragile items can help to insulate them against the cold to an extent, climate-controlled or heated storage provides the added protection against extreme temperatures you want for your valuables.

Long-Term Storage Security

If you'll be keeping items in storage for a long period of time, you'll want to make sure they aren't exposed to repeated changes in temperature. Units that are located outdoors can leave items exposed to frost, and even water seepage from snow and ice on the ground. Even for items that aren't fragile or sentimental, prolonged exposure to the cold can cause damage to your personal possessions. Heated storage facilities also tend to be enclosed buildings, which provide an added layer of security against potential thefts or vandalism, as the building may be harder to access than units in outdoor facilities. This means you can leave items in storage for longer without having to worry about them being safely stored away.

Check out the different storage facilities in your area, and look for a climate-controlled unit that's sized appropriately to fit your needs. Once you have the right storage unit, you can begin to declutter your home and rest easy knowing your items are safely stashed away.