Tips For Using A Self-Storage Unit To Hold Inventory For Your Second-Hand Store

Owning a second-hand store can be a great way to make money if you take in goods that are in demand and sell fast. If you find good deals on clothes, baby furniture, or yard tools, you may run out of storage room while you sort and stage your items. The best solution for this is to rent a self-storage unit. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of a self-storage unit when you use it to hold excess store inventory:

Use It To Rotate Seasonal Items

You'll move things such as seasonal clothing and gift items if you display them during the busiest selling months. You may not want to take up valuable space in your store in the winter for displaying swimming gear and outdoor pools. Instead, store off-season items in storage. If you keep your storage unit well organized and set up properly, you may even have enough room to prep your goods to get them ready to display before you move them to your store.

Install Portable Shelves And Rods For Clothing

One challenge with storing seasonal clothing is that it may get wrinkled if you just toss it in boxes. Rather than doing that, keep clothes on hangers or stack them on shelves after neatly folding them. That way, they'll be in excellent shape when you're ready to return them to the store. Otherwise, you may have to waste valuable time steaming out wrinkles or washing clothes to remove a mildew odor. When you hang the clothes or stack them on shelves, be sure to leave plenty of space for air circulation so you won't have to worry about mildew odors or other unpleasant smells clinging to the fabrics. If you treat your clothing in storage with as much care as the clothing in your store, it will come out of storage looking as good as when it went in.

Take Pictures Of Items In Storage

One reason you want to keep the storage unit organized is so you know exactly what is in there and where it is located. Take a picture of the major items such as furniture, baby needs, and toys that people might be interested in all year long. Post the pictures on a bulletin board so you can show shoppers the big pieces you have in storage in case a shopper is specifically looking for the item. That way you can also pre-sell the items you have in storage without them having to actually be in your store. You can always send an employee to pick up the item of interest if the storage unit is close by.

Renting a self-storage unit allows you to keep plenty of inventory on hand to keep your store fully stocked at all times. Plus, you'll get by with a lower expense than renting a larger store just to hold excess inventory. Just choose a facility that is convenient for you and that has excellent security so your supplies will be safe when they're out of your sight.

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