Storage Unit 101: Helpful Tips For Out-Of-State University Students

If you are attending an out-of-state university, you may want to consider renting a storage unit now instead of waiting until the end of the school year. That way, you'll have somewhere to store all your things during summer break. Here's what you need to know. 

Get a storage unit as soon as possible 

In some public universities, the enrollment of students from out-of-state can be alarmingly high. For example, Alabama State University has 31% of out-of-state students, but that percentage doesn't come close to the University of Vermont with 66%! You can bet the majority of out-of-state students will also need storage units to rent during summer break. Keep in mind that some in-state students may also be looking for storage units, especially if their homes are a considerable distance from campus. It could be quite difficult to find an available storage unit when you need one, so it's a good idea to be proactive and get one as soon as possible. 

Use the storage unit during the school year

You'll be able to use the storage unit during the rest of the school year, so don't look at getting one early as if it's throwing money away. Store seasonal items in the unit, such as winter clothing and heavy blankets that aren't needed as temperatures warm up. If you come across any good sale prices on large items, you can purchase them and store them in your storage unit instead of letting the chance go by simply because you don't have enough room. This can be a great way to start accumulating things you'll need to begin the next stage of your life and need to furnish an apartment. 

Share a storage unit with a fellow classmate

It's a good idea to share your storage unit with someone you know and trust. That way, you can afford an upgraded unit that has climate-control and drive-up accessibility and, perhaps, get a larger unit which will give you room to move around in while you sort through seasonal items during the school year. A climate-controlled storage unit is a must-have so your computers, printers, televisions, and other electronics don't get damaged from excessive heat and humidity. If you do share a storage unit, it's a good idea to pay the storage fees in full ahead of time before you both leave the area for the summer. That way, there's no confusion as to whether or not the unit is paid for during the summer months, because unpaid rental fees could incur late fees and/or cause your unit to go into a lien sale. Secure the unit with a combination lock instead of a key lock, so neither of you have to worry about keeping tabs on a key to the unit. 

Set up a few sturdy shelves inside the storage unit 

Purchase several sturdy shelves to put in the storage unit. Place the shelves near the entrance of the unit for easy accessibility. Use these shelves to store boxes and items that you know you will need before it's time to go home for summer break. This will make it easier for you to retrieve the items you want without having to rip through the entire storage unit looking for them and removing them. Shelves are also a great way to store important items that could get damaged if they are stored in boxes, such as your prize trophies from your athletic adventures through the years. If you decide to place boxes on the shelves, make sure to put the heaviest ones on the bottom shelf so you don't destabilize the entire shelf and risk knocking over your fragile items.