Common Mishaps To Avoid When Moving Items To Storage In Between Moving Your Business

It doesn't always happen that the point at which you have to move out of an old building for your business coincides happily with when you can move into the new one. As a result, it's important to think about storage solutions early to avoid any kind of mishap. Here are some examples of mishaps that happen for a variety of different reasons when you're storing business items, including what you can do about them.

Mover Confusion

You want to make sure that you talk to the movers ahead of time so that they understand thoroughly when you want to move your items. If the movers show up outside of the time window that you need, you'll end up with one of two negative outcomes. Either you have the movers come when you are still trying to conduct business in the old place, or they will show up past the point when your lease on the old building is up.

If you bringing items from your old place to a storage facility, you're also going to have to make sure the movers understand this and that they don't instead go directly to your new place based on miscommunication. It would be embarrassing to have your stuff show up at the new place while it's still occupied, instead of at your storage facility.  

Customer Confusion

Another important thing to avoid that many business owners often have trouble with is customer confusion regarding closing down the old store. You don't want to lose all of your old customers because they think your store is closed for good. That's why it's important to inform them of when your old store is shutting down and when the new one is opening up.

If they see that your old store is empty of items, they may not come to the conclusion that you just moved everything to storage while you're in transition between stores. They may just decide that your store is probably closed now.  If you just put a small notice on the front of the door, this might not be enough for that reason. Put up notices around the store early and often.

Choosing a Storage Facility Based Only on Location

Obviously, it's going to cost you extra if you have to travel further in order to put your items into storage then whatever business storage facility is down the street from you. But you also need to think about storage facilities that offer insurance, especially since major losses of items could sink your business. You also need to think about their level of security in terms of locks, cameras, and monitoring devices. Contact a local provider, such as North Star Mini Storage, for further assistance.